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HBCU Pigskin Showdown and HBCU Digital Network Announce Partnership to Stream All-Star Football Game Live Event

Chicago, IL. – (July 17, 2023) — The HBCU Pigskin Showdown, one of the premier All-Star football games featuring the top draft eligible student athletes from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the HBCU Digital Network. This collaboration will enable fans worldwide to experience the excitement of the showdown being held at historic Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, through a live streaming platform.

The HBCU Pigskin Showdown brings together the best HBCU football players in the nation. This annual event gives players an opportunity to be evaluated by professional coaches and scouts as they strive to make it to the next level of football. By partnering with the HBCU Digital Network, the Pigskin Showdown aims to expand its reach and provide an immersive viewing experience for fans unable to attend the game in person.

The HBCU Digital Network is a leading online platform dedicated to showcasing the achievements, culture, and contributions of HBCUs across various fields. With a diverse range of content that highlights the excellence of these institutions, the network has become a go-to destination for HBCU supporters and enthusiasts. Through this partnership, the HBCU Digital Network will leverage its cutting-edge technology to stream the HBCU Pigskin Showdown to a global audience, amplifying the visibility of HBCU football talent.

“We are thrilled to partner with the HBCU Digital Network to bring the HBCU Pigskin Showdown to fans worldwide” said Chris Williams, Executive Director/Co-Founder of the Pigskin Showdown. “This collaboration will allow us to reach a broader audience of HBCU supporters and showcase the athletic abilities of HBCU football players as they strive to make it to the pro level. It’s a really intense week for the players and we want the fans to see it in a unique way through HBCU Digital.”

Through the live stream, viewers will have the opportunity to witness the remarkable athleticism, team spirit, and sportsmanship displayed by HBCU football players. Additionally, the broadcast will feature expert commentary, pre-game analysis, interviews with coaches and players, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The HBCU Digital Network's state-of-the-art streaming capabilities will ensure an unparalleled viewing experience for fans across various devices and platforms.

"Partnering with the HBCU Pigskin Showdown aligns perfectly with our mission to promote and celebrate the achievements of HBCUs," said Adam Powell, CEO of the HBCU Digital Network. "We are excited to deliver this high-profile event to a global audience, highlighting the immense talent within HBCU football programs. This collaboration signifies a significant step in elevating the visibility and recognition of HBCU sports on a broader scale."

“We’re excited to work with the HBCU Digital Network and share creative ideas on how to deliver the game and experiences of the HBCU all-stars as they attempt to make an impression on pro scouts,” said Bryant Grove, Director of Operations/Co-Founder of the HBCU Pigskin Showdown. “During the week of our game, the players are basically interviewing for a job in pro football. HBCU Digital will help us show the fans what the guys go through to make their dream come true.”

The HBCU Pigskin Showdown will live stream on Saturday, December 30 across HBCU Digital’s web and OTT platforms at HBCU Digital, as well as HBCUDigital.com and the HBCU Digital app. Accessible to fans worldwide. Stay tuned for further announcements and updates regarding the event by following the HBCU Pigskin Showdown and the HBCU Digital Network on their respective social media channels.

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About HBCU Pigskin Showdown

The HBCU Pigskin Showdown is an All-Star football game created to give Historically Black College & University (HBCU) draft eligible football players an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of decision makers from professional football teams. The HBCU Pigskin Showdown will be a week of showcasing talent for National Football League (NFL) scouts and coaches from all professional leagues while celebrating African American heritage by way of historic sites within the Mobile, AL area. Kickoff is December 30, 2023 @ Noon.  For more information visit www.hbcupigskinshowdown.com

About HBCU Digital Network

The HBCU Digital Network is a leading online platform dedicated to highlighting the achievements, culture, and impact of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Through its diverse range of content, the network aims to amplify the visibility of HBCUs and promote their excellence in various fields offering sports, lifestyle & entertainment. For more information, visit http://hbcudigital.com/