About HBCU Pigskin Showdown

The 2022 HBCU Pigskin Showdown will help give professional exposure to some of the best college senior football players from historically black colleges and universities.

The participants in this event will be selected and invited by our scouting staff with the overall ratings and grades of each player in mind.

Players will participate in 4 pro-style practice sessions and an All-Star game while being evaluated by professional football league scouts. Scouts, coaches, and executives from the NFL and CFL have been invited to attend the HBCU Pigskin Showdown. 

Our all-star event will also include an official measurement day that will focus on all the pertinent individual vitals that professional scouts will want to see.

Players will participate in seminars that will be geared towards providing information that will be useful as they transition into the pursuit of a professional career. The HBCU Pigskin Showdown will also set times for players to be interviewed and introduced to professional scouts in a personal setting.

The HBCU Pigskin Showdown has also implemented an innovative filming system that will allow each player to have video access to every repetition he takes while attending our event.

The immediate post-season is the most important time of each year for collegiate senior football players as they begin the process of making a final impression on professional scouts. The HBCU Pigskin Showdown is committed to providing a high-quality professional football experience that will help each player maximize his exposure to professional football decision-makers. 

HBCU Pigskin Showdown to Be Played on The Campus of Marion Military Institute; Broadcasted Live on HBCUGO.TV

Green Bay, WI – (August 17, 2021) -- The HBCU Pigskin Showdown announces that the game will be held at David J. Robinson Memorial Stadium on the campus of Marion Military Institute (MMI) in Marion, Alabama.  

The game is a postseason all-star contest that will showcase some of the best draft-eligible football players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). 84 HBCU players will participate.  

“This is a great opportunity for HBCU players,” said Co-Founder Chris Williams. “We’re excited to have this event in the Black Belt region of Alabama and are happy that the histories of Selma and Marion, Alabama will be on display as we provide a stage for these young athletes.”  

The game is more than just an all-star football contest. The week-long celebration will give HBCU administrators, supporters, and alumni an awesome backdrop for a convention-style gathering that will allow for meaningful conversations and networking. A number of connected events will be held in both Selma and Marion, Alabama, one being a procession, led by the HBCU all-stars, across Selma’s historic Edmund Pettus Bridge.  

“HBCUs are so important to our nation,” said Co-Founder Bryant Grove. “We’re thankful that we can provide a platform for these young men while highlighting Selma, Marion, and the campus of Marion Military Institute.”  

In a combined statement, Marion Mayor Dexter Hinton and MMI President Colonel David J. Mollahan, USMC (Retired) stated, “Given MMI’s long history in Marion, its former football program with historic connections to University of Alabama football and combined with the historic role of Marion, Alabama in the foundation of modern-day HBCUs as well as the Civil/Voting Rights Movement, we’re proud to host this showcase of HBCU football talent.”  

The game will take place on Sunday, December 19, 2021, and broadcast live on HBCUGO.TV. HBCUGO.TV delivers quality sports, entertainment, education, and lifestyle programming telling HBCU stories in HBCU voices.  HBCUGO.TV is the cultural destination for all things that are “Unapologetically” HBCU 365!”  

“It’s an honor and privilege to be the media partner for the 1st Annual HBCU Pigskin Showdown. Our goal is to provide exposure to top-notch talent from HBCUs and, just as importantly, showcase the rich heritage of Selma and Marion as a cultural destination and celebrate the impact and legacy of this historic region that changed the narrative of the civil rights movement globally”, said Curtis Symonds, Co-Founder/CEO of HBCUGO.TV.  

Clint Evans, Co-Founder/GM of HBCUGO.TV stated, “We aim to provide students, alumni, and the greater community of HBCU enthusiasts with up close and personal access to the HBCU Pigskin Showdown while capturing the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and aspects of “The Culture” that exist only at HBCUs.”